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Rambo, Rhino & Amigo Blankets
by Horsewear

I am no longer able to carry the Horseware brand. Remaining inventory has been discounted.

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Why Rambo Turnouts Outperform the Competition

All Rambo blankets are fully waterproof and breathable thanks to Horseware's Aquatrans coating technology. Aquatrans coating technology uses a hydrophilic (water loving) polymer that is directly coated on to the material. Thie polymer absorbs sweat molecules from inside the blanket and the heat generated by the horse drives them to the outside. However, water from the outer shell remains hydrophobic and will not allow water to get in.

All Rambo turnouts have an outer shell made from 1000 denier ballistic nyon. This is the same material from which bullet-proof vests are constructed, making Rambo blankets the most durable blankets on the market.

Unique to Horseware, the V-front closure system gives your horse more freedom of movement and more freedom to graze. This closure system allows the blanket to be carried on top of the shoulder rather than the point of the shoulder, therefore allowing the blanket to move as the horse moves.

 Exclusive to Horseware, the leg arch and 3 surcingle design allows the extra depth of the blanket to contour to the horses shape, providing extra coverage to under the belly. This design also gives the horse greater freedom of movement as it prevents extra fabric from gathering around the horse's legs as he moves.

Gives the rug a secure fit around the belly area. Horseware's unique Safety Clip System breaks in the event of an emergency

Found on the deeper cut rugs for optimum belly protection.

Horseware's surefit neck can be found on any of its blankets with a neck cover. This design allows the neckcover (whether fully integrated or removable) to fit properly with the body of the blanket. This reduces the risk of having the horses mane rubbed out at the withers.

Horseware has spent years perfecting its euro-cut design to accomodate horses of all shapes and sizes. Horseware has developed a design that fits perfectly and won't slip or turn. The design also eliminates the need for troublesome leg straps, fleece lining at the withers and shoulder gussets. You don't need any of that if you have a blanket that fits correctly.

The Horseware Disc Closure System incorporates the 4 V-Front closure points in a lighter, more flexible design. The non-corrosive and streamlined design can be used with one hand, simplifying the chore of changing blankets.

Retain more heat with less weight. Superior comfort for your horse.

Provides the ultimate freedom of shoulder movement especially for the broader type horse.

We believe in our Rambo turnouts so much that we guarantee your blanket will remain waterproof and breathable for a minimum of 3 years (Terms and conditions apply. For more information contact 1-800-TURNOUT) The guarantee also applies to the stainless steel hardware. 

If you have any small tears or nicks Horsware recommends using the Rambo Turnout Repair Kit or Rambo Stormsure glue, which effectively seals and waterproofs any small damage!

The fit of your blanket is extremely important to the comfort of your horse. Any improperly fitting blanket can cause rubbing and slippage. Horseware blankets are euro-cut and sizes do not run the same as other blanket manufacturers' balnkets. Measure the distance from the centre of the chest across the point shoulder to the centre of the tail. Take 4" off for a Turnout and 7" off for a stable. Using this guideline will mean that your horse will probably require one size larger for his turnout rug than for his stable rug. Horseware rugs are sized in three inch increments. This measurement refers to the distance from the centre of the chest to the rear of the quarters where you expect the rug to finish. Horseware blankets are sized in 3 inch increments, so you will need to choose the closest size available. Since Horseware blankets run large, it is best to go to the closest size down from your measurement.

Tips for fitting your blanket
- Belly surcingles should be adjusted to allow a hands width between straps and belly
-Keep in mind that the neck on the Rambo Wug is a higher fit, therefore the neck and chest area will be a snugger fit.
-The trigger clasps on the patented V Front Closure System should always be closed with the clasp facing inward. 
-your hand should fit comfortable between th neck and the shoulder areas and the blanket. If not, the blanket could cause discomfort and rubbing.
If the blanket extends beyond the top of the tail, the blanket may be too big. If the blanket does not reach the top of the tail, the blanket may be too small. However, examine the neck and shoulder area for fit before making a decision to go to a different size.
-Make sure the tail is lifted over the fillet strap and that the strap is securely attached on both sides. This will prevent the blanket from blowing forward. Where possible, pull the ttail through the strapping on the inside of the tail flap.

To keep your blanket as comfortable as possible for your horese and to maximize the blanket's life, you should clean your blanket annually. First, remove excess dirt from the outside of the blanket with a brush or hose. The blanket can then be washed either by hand, or on a delicate cycle with cool water in a commercial washer. Use only very mild soap. Horseware recommends Rambo Wash, an environmentally friendly product for use on synthetic fabrics. Rambo Wash will effectively remove dirt with out damaging the waterproof coating. When the blanket has been washed, allow it to drip dry. DO NOT PUT BLANKETS IN THE DRYER. THIS WILL DAMAGE THE WATERPROOF COATING AND VOID ANY WARRANTIES.

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