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Sleazy Sleepwear

For almost 2 decades Sleazy Sleepwear for Horses has been known, throughout the horse world, for creating exceptional grooming apparel for horses. They offer innovative designs, unique fabrics, colorful prints, easy fit sizing, and first quality workmanship.

Product Benefits of Sleazy Sleepware stretch garments: 
The products they create are designed to aid in the grooming of a horse by providing a cover that smoothes the horses body hair, as well as training the horses mane to lie flat and fall to one side. The products also serve as a liner under a heavier garment.

What  Sleazy Sleepwear does:
Trains and protects the mane 24 hours a day 
Keeps heavy quilted hoods from rubbing out the mane 
Keeps braided mane secure and clean 
Holds body heat in for shorter coats (Fleece) 
Polishes the hair coat 
Keeps flies and insects off the neck and face 
Keeps sun from sunburning neck and face 
Can be used when heavier hoods are too warm 
Looks incredibly great and is fun for the owner! 

All Sleazies incorporate a unique computer designed, form fit, seamless face construction, for the best possible fit without irritation. Other benefits include:

- Made with generously sized patterns and 4-way stretch, premium fabrics.
- Large eye holes and ear holes
- Wide, adjustable, fleece lined nose band.
- Zipper option that adds a high quality, reliable, fully separating zipper
- All closures use a special, low profile, high strength, genuine Velcro fastener, for maximum strength, reliability and ease of use.
- Fully finished hems with 3/4" elastic for lasting durability
- Heavy duty, fully hemmed, girth elastic.

A word about sizing:
All of the Sleazy sleepware horse garments are designed to fit using the horses actual weight.A weight tape will provide the information needed to select a correct sized garmment

What are Sleazy Sleepware garments made of? 
The people at Sleazy Sleepware specialize in using stretch fabrics to make their garments. The 3 main types of fabric used are:
Nylon or polyester lycra: A woven fabric made from durable nylon or polyester fibers, in combination with spandex fibers, that results in a fabric with superior stretch.
Polyester stretch Fleece: This product not only stretches but adds warmth to the garmetns. It is made of poyester fibers in combination with spandex fibers. The outside of the fabric has a smooth surface and the inside has a soft warm fleece pile.
Polyester knit: This durable fabric is made of 100% polyester fibers. It derives its stretch from the type of knit weave used when it is manufactured.

Sleazy Sleepware garments are easy care
All of these quality garments are designed with easy care in mind. It is recommended to use a "machine wash warm/ hang to dry" method for all garments and fabric types.

Sleazy Sleepware for horses, guarantee the products against defects in materials or workmanship (eg. incomplete seams, zippers that have a defect, flaws in fabric) for 3 months from the date of purchase.

Are you looking for Mini sleazies, Lambajams or Model Horse sets??

We can get them. Contact us for pricing.

Sleazy Sleepwear  Colors and Prints

Solid Colors:

Sleazy Sleepwear Horse  Colors and Prints


Sleazy Stretch Hood

Wild uncontrollable mane? Does your horse's braids need protecting? Then you need a mane tamer by Sleazy Sleepwear for Horses. The Sleazy Sleepwear  Stretch Hood, made from nylon or polyester spandex, is Sleazy Sleepwear for Horses' #1 selling item. It helps to train the mane, keeps the mane and forelock clean, smooths the body hair and works great as a liner under heavier garments. The “Seamless Face” design eliminates any seams below the eyes for maximum safety. 

Sleazy Stretch HoodSleazy Hood Shown in Cosmic Camo

These hoods  feature:
•Generously sized patterns.
•4-way stretch, premium, fabrics.
•Large eye holes and ear holes.
•Wide, adjustable, fleece lined, noseband.
•Zipper option that adds a high quality, reliable, fully separating zipper.
•All closures use a special, low profile, high strength, hook & loop fastenener, for maximum strength, reliability, and ease of use.
•Fully finished hems with encased elastic for durability, and heavy duty, fully hemmed, girth elastic.

Sleazy Stretch Hoods come in 7 sizes (XXL Special order). These hoods have the option of a full separating zipper from chin to chest.  

The Fleece hoods, made from polyester and spandex are durable and add warmth. They come in 7 sizes, have the zipper option, and are available in Black.

Size Recommendations:

XXS:         200-300lbs
XSmall:   300-500lbs
Small:      500-800lbs
Medium: 800-1100lbs
Large:    1100-1400 lbs
XLarge:  1600-1800lbs

(XXL Special order) Contact us

Solid Colors

$137.00 with zipper



$165.00 with zipper

Choose Print


$165.00 with zipper


Power Net  

 This mesh hood is made from power net mesh that breathes in warm climates. Perfect to help protect from flies and insects and makes a great combo with the Sleazy Sleepwear fly sheet. These hoods are also good for training the mane and smoothing the hair coat as well as protecting the shoulders from blanket or fly sheet rubs. Power Net Stretch Hoods come in 7 sizes (XXL by request) and have all the great Sleazy Sleepwear stretch hood features. These hoods have the option of a full separating zipper from chin to chest.

White only.

sleazy sleepwear power net hood


$137.00 with zipper

XXSmall (54-58) 
XSmall   (60-64)
Small      (66-70)
Medium (72-76)
Large      (78-82)
XLarge    (84-88)

Zipper option

Chest Panel Hood

This popular Sleazy Sleepwear Stretch Hood is made with all the quality of the Sleazy Stretch hoods, but includes a chest cover for added coverage. These hoods are great for training the mane, protecting braids and smoothing the hair coat, as well as protecting the shoulders against blanket rub. Full separating zipper included. Available in 5 sizes and in all the stock solid Sleazy Sleepwear colors.

sleazy sleepwear Chest Panel Hood


XXSmall (200-300 lbs) 
XSmall    (300-500 lbs)
Small       (500-800lbs)
Medium  (800-1100lbs)
Large       (1100-1400lbs)
XLarge    (1400-1600lbs)


Sleazy Full Body

Sleazy Full BodySleazy Full Body shown in Twinkle

Size and Corresponding Blanket Size

XXS: 54-58"
XSmall: 60-64"
Small: 66-70"
Medium: 72-76"
Large: 78-82"
XLarge: 84-88"

The Sleazy Full Body provides head to tail coverage for that "all over" shine. A full separating zipper, from chin to chest allows easy dressing. Sleazy Full Bodies have adjustable rear leg straps with snap hook closures. Sleazy Stretch Full Bodies come in 7 sizes (XXL by request) and are made of either nylon or polyester spandex. Fleece Full Bodies are durable and add warmth. They come in 5 sizes and are available in Black. The Power net is a breathable white mesh.

The body portion is reinforced along the back to prevent overstretching. Sizing is calculated the same way as a traditional blanket.

Solid Colors









Power Net
Stretch Mesh



Sleazy Stretch Sheet

Sleazy Stretch Sheet

Sleazy Sleepwear Stretch Sheets can be used alone or with a hood. Sleazy Sheets are made of nylon or polyester spandex. All Sheets are reinforced along the back to prevent over-stretching and include a fleece lined adjustable neck. Sleazy Stretch Sheets have adjustable rear leg straps with snap hook closures. All sheets are available in 5 sizes. Sizing is calculated the same as traditional blankets.
Fleece sheets are durable and add warmth. the Fleece Sheets are available in Black only and are made from polyester spandex fleece.

Solid Color


Neon Colors







Jammies Designer Hood with Zipper

Jammies Designer Hood with ZipperJammies Designer Hood with Zipper shown in Blue

Jammies keep coats looking shiny and healthy and prevents shavings, dust and dirt from getting in to the hair. The 4 way stretch nylon Lycra and superior design provide a perfect fit. Jammies feature a durable contoured buckle, wide-band satin elastic, seamless face design and attractive designer packaging that doubles as a great storage bag.

The seamless face design keeps the hood out of the horse's sensitive tear ducts and wide-band satin elastic keeps the muzzle free from chaffing and eliminates pressure points. Hoods are made with a heavy duty zipper.


Small (300-600lbs)   
Medium (600-900lbs)   
Large (900-1200 lbs)   
XLarge (1200 lbs+)

For horses borderline in size it is recommended to go up one  size to ensure a better fit

Colors: Green, Navy, Black, Red, Purple, Blue & Teal



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