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Horse Boots

EquiFit Boots on This Page

Canadian Saddlery
Splint Boots

canadian saddlery splint boots

Black neoprene boots with suede protection patches and Velcro Closures 

Sizes: Medium  10 1/2" long and 9" wide across the top of the boot

Front: $50.99/pair

Now $35.00

Canadian Horseware
Sports Medicine Boots

Canadian Horseware
Sports Medicine Boots

Competitively priced with top quality construction, stitching and velcro. These horse boots protect from damage caused by interference and provides comfortable support to the suspensory ligament

Only one large hunter green left in stock

Front Leg - 16-17 hand horse
Back Leg 15-17 hand horse


NOW $30

Canadian Horseware Sports Medicine Boot
New and Improved

Canadian Horseware
Sports Medicine Boots

This is the new and improved Canadian Horsewear Sports Medicine Boot. Same style, just a bit more "flexible", and more color.

Large available in Red and Black

Front Leg - 16-17 hand horse
Back Leg 15-17 hand horse


NOW $35


Veredus Nero Line

Incredibly popular with top riders on the A circuit, Veredus boots flex with the horse's leg instead of interfering with the natural motion during take-off, bascule and landing. This gives the horse flexibility while offering support and protection to their legs and joints. American and European top trainers and riders trust Veredus to safeguard the legs of their best athletes, shouldn't you? 

Carbon-Gel Tendon/Fetlock Boot

Veredus Nero Line
Carbon-Gel Tendon/Fetlock Boot

An absolutely innovative tendon boot characterized by a perfectly anatomical shape that guarantees the maximum comfort and perfect positioning on the horse's limb.
A carbon support inserted in the shell and a gel pad provide the maximum protection at the flexor tendon and fetlock, areas at particular risk of injury and bruising.
A quick closure, adjustable with elastic straps, makes the "CARBON-GEL" tendon boot extremely practical to put on and remove.

More details here

Available in: Black, Brown
Sizes: Small, Medium and Large

Front Tendon Boot: $254.99 per pair
Back Fetlock Boot:  $227.99 per pair

Front or Rear

Nero Line Olympus

veredus Nero Line olympus

The best fitting and performing open front boot for jumpers with strike plate technology. The anatomic design give more freedom of movement to knee and fetlock, while providing maximum comfort and support. The dual density shell provides more protection. The main shell is composed of semi-rigid polyurethane while the rear "x" strike plate that provides durability after repeated strikes. Eva foam lining in the strike plate provides superb shock protection. Elastic straps are soft and self-adjustable to any size leg eliminating problems of excessive pressure. Fast release ferrules with narrowing hook holes allow fast and easy hooking and release, without compromising security. Made in Italy.

Color: Black, Brown


Small 17-19 cm (approx 6.69"-7.48"),
Medium 20-24 cm (approx 7.87"-9.45")
Large Over 24 cm (over approx 9.45")

It is difficult to apply a rule for all cases. 

Front Tendon Boot: $209.99 per pair

Fetlock Boot: $145.99 per pair.


Woof Wear

more coming soon...

Horse Size Front Boot Back Boot
Pony: 12.2-13.1 small Small
Cob: 13.2-14.1 small medium
Cob/Full: 14.2-15.2 medium medium
Full: 15.2-16.2 medium medium
Extra Full: 16.3+ large Xlarge

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