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Equestrian Jewelry


A bit about the company:

"We believe in jewelry that is crafted and gifted from the heart. This idea is in our name after all – that jewelry should be inspired by love in all forms, and that giving it to a loved one for no particular reason is sometimes the best reason.

Luvinspired is a Toronto based jewelry company that specializes in personalizedpendants, rings, earrings, bracelets and accessories. Our delicate and charming jewellery pieces are available in collections of sterling silver, rose gold, gold and white gold by special order, and are handcrafted here in Canada – always with luv!

Our unique Luvinspired jewelry is especially designed to remind you daily that love and beauty are around us and should be closely cherished. We believe that every day and every moment is a right occasion to enjoy, celebrate and live Luvinspired."

Luv Equestrian Collection

Equestrian Stirrup

The Luv Inspired range of charms is a collection of small and dainty symbols created for everyday wear. 

 925 sterling silver. 

$112.50     NOW  $75 

Lucky in Luv Key

The "Key to my Heart" 

Keep this special piece close to your heart, to remind you of what’s truly important.

925 Sterling Silver

$112.50  NOW  $75 

     Equestrian     Infinite Luck

Available in Sterling Silver necklace.

$100.00   NOW  $70

Horseshoe of Hearts

Absolutely Stunning. One of my favorites!!


NOW  $90

  Infinite Luck    

Key Chain or  Stock Pin

Bring some Infinite Luck with you on show day.
The key chain could easily be converted to a bridle charm with a lobster clasp

$21.25 each  NOW $15


Horse Breed Logo Pendant

Currently available:

Breed             Silver          Pewter

Belgian          blue green  red

Dutch            red               yellow

Holsteiner     yellow        blue green

Oldenburg     black           black

Trackener      green          blue green

Wesphalien    pink            green


Sweedish        black          blue green

Hanovarian     red             dark pink

Quarter Horse  all pewter: red, yellow, light pink, blue green

Also available as a Bridle Charm

Regular price: Sterling Silver $84.00  or Pewter $54.00 NOW Silver $60.00  or Pewter $40.00 

Pewter has a finish like the keychain and stock pin pictured above.


Breed/ Color


Breed/ Color

Jewelry from other Companies

AWST International
3 Horseshoe Necklace

Rhondium plated CZ necklace. 1.5" long. Necklace chain is 17-18"


AWST International
Horse Head Heart

The Horse Head Heart jewelry design is copyrighted by Hearts & Horses Therapeutic Riding Center in Buxton Maine. AWST donates a percentage of sales to their therapy program.


Necklace: $23.99

Earrings: $17.99

Buy the Set and Save!! $36.00


AWST International
Mare and Foal

1" x 7/8" Rhondium Necklace with clear stones.


AWST International

Two-sided necklace with a profile of a horses head on one side and an inspirational phrase on the other!


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