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"Whether you’re training, competing, or out on a trail, our  boots are designed to complement, assist, and fit your horse perfectly. Each boot is crafted with materials of the highest quality and equipped with the most advanced technologies available. Many of our boots feature a unique, ultra-strong material called EverLeather.™ Used exclusively by EquiFit, EverLeather provides unmatched durability. EquiFit’s perfect fit ensures comfort and support, while our advanced technology provides protection and security. Fit and technology wrapped up with great design leaves riders with confidence and pride in their EquiFit boots."

Most Equifit items are ordered in as needed

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Equifit Technology

ImpacTeq™ Technology: ImpacTeq is designed to absorb extreme impact. Taking cues from protective footwear, sports and military equipment,  Equifit's ImpacTeq features a revolutionary foam that firms to a protective shield upon impact. Below the defensive foam is a multi-dimensional air mesh that promotes airflow and circulation, helping to keep the body cool. The two layers mold to the body for a secure and custom fit. ImpacTeq is antimicrobial, breathable, easy to wash and quick to dry. ImpacTeq Technology is utilized in many of our items including ImpacTeq Liners (paired with D-Teq™ Boots), Bandage Liners, CrownPad™, and the ImpacTeq Half Pad™.

GelTherapy™: By gradually releasing medical-grade mineral oil to moisturize and condition skin, GelTherapy helps prevent or relieve skin irritations. GelTherapy is used for humans and horses and is featured in GelSox™, GelSquares™ and GelBands. ™ 

 AgSilver™:  PowerIonic Silver, a natural element, has been used for thousands of years for its ability to stave off viruses, molds and fungi. The power of silver is not new, but our applications are game changing. Silver is smart element that only releases its antimicrobials properties when microbes are present. It’s an element we respect and have adapted to benefit our horses. You can find AgSilver Power used in the Equifit StandingWraps™, SilverSox™ and ImpacTeq Bandage Liners as well as our entire AgSilver line of shampoos, talcs, sprays, balms and more.

T-Foam™ Technology: Originally invented by NASA, and currently used in hospitals, wheelchairs and athletic equipment, T-Foam Technology provides protection, support, comfort, and a custom fit. This shock-absorbing material reacts to body pressure and heat allowing it to conform for a custom fit, every time it’s used.T-Foam absorbs 97% of shock and vibration upon impact, and offers 100% recovery before the next use. Its neoprene-free open-cell structure prevents overheating by self-ventilating which also helps control perspiration. T-Foam is used exclusively by EquiFit in a variety of our products including the T-Boot Series®, T-Foam Saddle Pads, Anatomical Girths, StandingWraps™ and our CurbChain™ Cover.

EverLeather™: Classic leather styling engineered to defend. EverLeather is created with a matrix of nylon, polyester and microfiber, granting it phenomenal durability and strength. It’s resistant to scratches, abrasions, punctures and tears. Even with heavy use, EverLeather’s beautiful look and feel is preserved for years with easy cleaning and minimal maintenance. Equifit utilizes EverLeather throughout our catalog of products, including D-Teq™ and D-Teq Custom Boots, T-Boot Series, ImpacTeq™ Half Pad, CrownPad™ and more.

Hot/Cold Therapy: To help deliver the benefits of hot and cold therapies, we have developed a line of tools that make treatment simple and effective. Out GelCompression Therapy Line simplifies the application of hot/cold therapy by using GelPacks™ that adhere to an outer shell. Compression is conveniently controlled with a hand pump. IceAir® Cold Therapy Boots are the only ice boots on the market that also provide the benefit of air compression. Our TendonPak™ retains intense heat or cold to help treat accordingly and provides easy-to-adjust compression with its elastic bandages.

Cradle to Cradle: We’re also proud to display the Cradle to Cradle Certification on many of our AgSilver products. Cradle to Cradle is rewarding certification that means our products are designed, produced, packaged and used in an environmentally and socially responsible fashion.

T Boot EXP 2
(Older Version; Limited Stock)

The most popular Equifit boot among serious horse show competitors,
the EXP2 features leather-like styling and an outer shell composed of polyurethane to provide extra protection, durability and resistance to wear.

equifit t boot exp2

Removable T-Foam liners can be machine washed and dried, or replaced. 

All T-Boots are lined with medical-grade open-cell T-Foam, the original memory foam that originated with NASA. T-Foam’s memory properties allow it to form around the natural contours of the leg, and offer custom fit and true anatomical support each time that it is applied to any horse.

T-FOAM eliminates pressure points, is extremely lightweight and breathable, absorbs 97% of shock and vibration under impact

 Dirt and debris buildup inside the boot is minimized because of the conforming properties of T-Foam. Most rubs, scratches and chafing will be eliminated.

Fitting T-Boots

equifit t boot size chart

Available in:  Black, tab closures

Front Boots: $193.00 (Canadian) S/M and M/L in stock
Hind Boots: $183.00 (Canadian) S/M and M/L in stock

Front or Hind

Other Stuff Thats Good to Know:

T-Boots fit differently than standard neoprene horse boots. Reacting to body heat and pressure, T-Foam™ flows and molds to fit the exact anatomy of any horse’s legs, creating a custom fit boot, every time it’s worn.

 Contrary to traditional boots that are worn loosely, T-Boots must have a snug fit. This may make it seem like the boots are " too small," but that is not the case. If you own a pair of T-Boots that are slipping or there is a space between the liner and the horse’s ankle, don’t hesitate to tighten them up to maintain proper fit and ensure that they are working properly.

T-Foam is temperature sensitive. With body pressure and heat, T-Foam flows and molds to fit the exact anatomy of the horse’s leg. When the outside temperature is cold, T-Foam will become firm or even hard in extreme conditions.In cold conditions it is important to warm the liners in a temperature-controlled room or by holding them close to the body for a few minutes before applying to the leg.Once boots have been applied and T-Foam has been given a few minutes to warm up, check boots and re-adjust as needed.

This material WILL absorb water, as T-Foam is like a sponge. For this reason, we always recommend people have more than one set of liners, so that if they get soaked, one set can be swapped out for another. Also, ensuring that boots fit snugly will lessen water absorption.

 We do not recommend they be used to go cross-country

 While T-Foam can be machine washed and dried, do not dry on high heat, as this will cause it to shrink.

T-Boot Luxe

Featuring T-Foam™ Technology, the T-Boot Luxe open-front and hind-ankle boot are produced from top-quality, water-resistant French leather, offering not only an exquisite look, but also the best in protection and support. Now available in both black and brown leather, the Luxe boot features removable T-Foam liners that can be washed and replaced. The hind boot is also available with  an additional 2″ length of strap added on for larger horses.

Equifit T Boot Luxe

Info on the T-Boot Luxe and on the T Foam Liner

Sizes: Small/Medium & Medium/Large
Colors: Brown & Black

Front: $358.00
Hind  $303.00
Hind with 2" Extended Straps: $328.00

Boot Type


The first boots designed for the specific needs of Equitation riders!
Eq-Teq has a classical, sophisticated appearance but is packed with features to provide ultimate protection and comfort for your horse.


Eq-Teq™ Boots and ImpacTeq™ Peel Away Liners offer the most effective protection on the market today. Eq-Teq boots offer an anatomically molded outer shell, virtually unbreakable shock absorbing liner and features three 1.25” wide straps for a more customized fit. Our ImpacTeq Peel Away Liners have removable cubes in target zones, which allows you to remove small or large sections of the liner as needed. ImpacTeq Peel Away Liners are ideal for horses with uniquely shaped legs, existing growths or wounds, or other hard-to-fit issues. Liners are removable for easy washing and care.

Technology: EverLeather, ImpacTeq™Peel Away Liners
Sold as: Pair
Size: S, M, L, XL
Color: Black w/ Black Elastic

Front: $308.00
Hind: $290.00

Boot Type

Pony Size
Front: $386.00
Hind: $269.00


The EXP3™ brings modern touches to a longtime favorite. The EverLeather™ shell is molded to a streamlined, anatomical fit, providing enhanced protection throughout the leg.

equifit exp3
  • Cut-out behind the knee provides freedom of movement and comfort.
  • Three 1" straps with extended stretch disperse pressure points and ensure a perfect fit.
  • Ultra-low profile removable E-Foam™ liners absorb impact and provide a custom fit.
  • E-Foam is antimicrobial, breathable, easy to wash and quick to dry.
  • Available in black with tab closure or double-hold hook & loop.
  • Front and hind sizes: S, M, L, XL

Technology: E-Foam™ (see info under EXP2)

Sold as: Pair
Size: S, M, L, XL (Front Velcro available in Pony size)
Color: Black

Available in tab or velcro closure

Front: $240.00
Hind: $220.00

Front or Hind
Closure Option


 D-Teq Boots and ImpacTeq™ Liners offer the most effective protection on the market today. D-Teq Boots offer an anatomically molded out shell, virtually unbreakable shock absorber, three 1.25" wide straps to eliminate pressure points, with a secure fit and classic styling. ImpacTeq Liners transform from soft to rigid upon impact, mold to the leg for a custom fit and offer breathable and cool benefits, while promoting circulation.

equifit d teqBlack Ostrich D-Teq
equifit d teqBlack & Brown D-Teqs
equifit d teq colored bindingD-Teq boots are available with four binding colors;Brown, Navy, Red and Green.
ImpacTeq linersImpacTeq Liners are designed to absorb extreme impact

Impac Tech liners are antimicrobial, breathable, easy to wash and quick to dry. They are non-temperature sensitive. They absorb minimal amounts of moisture. The two layers mold to the leg for a secure and custom fit, allowing ImpacTeq to protect your horse’s legs while keeping them cool.

Size Chart

equifit d teq size chart

McLain Ward on Fitting the D-Teq boot

Available in Black, Black Ostrich and Brown

Black Ostrich also available with Colored Binding: Brown, Navy, Red or Green 

Front: $280.00
Hind: $260.00

Front or Hind

D-Tec Extended Hind Boots

Designed for horses with hind interference, Extended Hind Boots combine the anatomically molded, ultra-strong D-Teq hind boot shell with new, Extended Coverage ImpacTeq liners. The liners feature reinforced EverLeather strike zones for added fetlock and pastern protection. ImpacTeq technology disperses pressure points as well as firms to a protective shield upon impact, reducing shock and vibration when interference occurs.
The removable liners are breathable, antimicrobial, and easy to wash.

Technology: EverLeather, ImpacTeq™
Size: S, M, L, XL
Color: Black, Black Ostrich



D Teq Custom
Monograms & Lettering

D Teq Custom
Monograms & Lettering
Front or Hind
Boot Size
Lettering/Monogram Location
Monogram Style/Lettering Font
Lettering/ Initials

For monograms, please add your initials as you would like them to appear in the "lettering/initials" box to the right;
traditionally first initial, last, then middle

D Teq Custom
Monograms & Lettering

For lettering please add a / between each "line"
for example The / Hitching/ Ring for


MultiTeq Boots

Multiple accolades go to the Equifit  MultiTeq Boot. Offering full-coverage protection for daily exercise and turnout,
the MultiTeq Boot is packed with benefits.

The  Multiteq front boot is available with a regular front, and an open front. Hind boots are available in regular and tall versions, and both have the option of an ImpacTeq liner or a Sheeps Wool ImpacTeq liner.

ImpacTeq liners provide extreme impact protection with the added benefits of SheepsWool. SheepsWool increases breathability to move excess heat away from the leg, is hypoallergenic, naturally water-resistant and fights odor. 

The shell will look forever new thanks to its scratch, tear and puncture-resistant EverLeather™ cover. Pressure points are dispersed with three straps, and safety is guaranteed with double reinforced safety closures.

MultiTeq Front Boots

Regular Front with Sheepswool & ImpacTec Black & White Options
Open Front with Sheepswool & ImpacTec Black & White Options

Sizes Small-XLarge
Colors: Black & White
Technology: EverLeather, ImpacTeq™

Regular Front  ImpacTeq liner: $150.00
Open Front ImpacTeq liner: $155.00
Regular Front Sheepskin liner: $155.00
Open Front Sheepskin liner: $160.00

Option/Price Front Boots

MultiTeq Hind Boots

Equifit multiteq regular hind bootsMultiTeq Short Hind Boot
Equifit multiteq hind boots tallMultiTeq Tall Hind Boot

Available in:
Short with ImpacTeq liner $145.00
Tall with Impac Teq linerv $160.00
Short with Sheepskin liner $150.00
Tall with Sheepskin liner: v$165.00

Colors: White & Black
Sizes: Small-XLarge

Option/Price Hind Boots

T-Foam Curb Chain Cover

equi fit T-Foam Curb Chain Cover

Featuring T-Foam Technology, the Equifit CurbChain Cover conforms to the horse's chin for a custom fit, every time. Self-ventilating construction controls perspiration while eliminating chafing and rubbing. Perfect for the sensitive horse, the cover's T-Foam™  filling softens the curb chain against the horse's chin, and offers comfort without compromising the effectiveness of the curb chain.


Crown Pad

equifit Crown Pad

Comfortable and breathable, the Equifit CrownPad will guard your horse's head against rubbing and chafing.  Velcro closures make application easy.  Featuring ImpacTeq technology, it stays in place and disperses bridle pressure, making it an invaluable necessity in training and competition.


Equifit ImpacTeq Half Pad

Equifit ImpacTeq Half Pad

Designed to absorb extreme impact, the ImpacTeq Saddle Pad provides the ultimate comfort for both horse and rider. The ImpacTeq core acts as a protective shield, reducing shock and distributing pressure points. It molds to the horse and saddle, then recovers to the original shape after each use. The non-slip strips keep the pad in place, while the contoured shape frees up withers and spine. The Equifit ImpacTeq Half Pad is antimicrobial, highly breathable, non-temperature sensitive, easy to wash and quick to dry. With all these benefits plus colorful trim options, it’s hard not to play favorites with this one.

Ordered in as needed

ImpacTeq Half Pads available in:
Black with Black trim
EverLeather Colored trim:
Black-Ostrich, Brown, Navy, Red and Green 

One Size $310.00

Trim Color

ImpacTeq Half Pad Customization

Customize your Equifit  half pad with your name, a monogram or a logo: See the image below for options, and contact us with questions or if you would like a logo

One Size $360.00

Text at location A can consist of 3 characters of font size 24pt, and 15 characters at font size 24pt at location B

Trim Color
Location of Lettering/ Monogram
Font for Lettering
Monogram Style

Add initials for monograms in the order you want them to appear; traditionally first, last, then middle.

ImpacTeq Half Pad Fleece Cover

ImpacTeq Half Pad Fleece Cover

Removable fleece cover designed to fit the ImpacTeq Half Pad. Easily transform your ImpacTeq Half Pad for use in the hunter ring. Machine wash and dry. 

Sizes: Standard& Oversize



BellyBand for Spur Protection

The EquiFit BellyBand helps protect and guard against spur rubs and sores around your horse’s girth and sides. This invaluable necessity is made with breathable, non-neoprene elastic that offers full-coverage protection. Adjustable hook and loop girth loops are easy to put on and take off, and a reinforced safety closure ensures a secure fit.  

BellyBand for Spur Protection

Available in:  Cob 73″, Horse 75″, Over-sized 77″
Technology: Non-Neoprene Elastic


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