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Horse Supplements

Enhance Your Horse's Performance and
Improve His Well-Being

Joint Supplements

Veterinary Strength

Bio-Iso-G veterinary strength

Contains the key active isolates of Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM.

  • These small molecules do not require digestion. They are rapidly absorbed and utilized. Therefore the beneficial effect is seen in a short period of time.
  • BIO-ISO-G is a nutritional supplement. This product may be used along with nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as phenylbutazone, vedaprofen and meclofenamic acid. BIO-ISO-G may reduce the cost and the amount of NSAIDs that are required. This will also help to decrease the side effects of NSAIDs. Extremely palatable. Horses love the taste. 
  • BIO-ISO-G contains Chondroitin Isolates: Glutamic Acid, Glucuronic Acid, Proline and Glycine Glucosamine Isolate: Glutamine MSM Isolate: Sulfur
  • Extremely palatable and highly concentrated
  •  The smaller molecules found in CORTA-RX may maximize efficiency of nutrient passage through the bloodstream and into connective tissues and joint space fueling maximum assimilation and utilization of active ingredients.

Both BIO-ISO-G and BIO-ISO-G Plus are veterinary strength(more concentrated) available through veterinarians only.

946 ml - $104.99 
3.8 L -   $334.99


Bio Iso G Plus

Contains the active components of Corta RX: glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin; plus Devils Claw and Yucca.

946ml - $124.99
3.8 L -  $428.50


Nutri Aid GCM

Nutri Aid GCM

Nutri Aid horse supplement helps stimulate the synthesis of new cartilage and synovial fluid leading to improved joint mobility. 

INGREDIENTS: Each 50 mL contains:

Glucosamine sulfate: 10,000 mg 
Chondroitin sulfate: 2,000 mg 
Methyl-sulfonyl-methane: 2,000 mg 
Vitamin C 700 mg 
Mineral mangenese 100 mg 

Also contains sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate as preservatives. 

 Treatment dose for a 500 kg horse: Give one 25 mL dose twice daily. Then adjust the dose to the horse’s specific needs.

Nutri Aid is presented in a 1000 mL plastic bottle with integrated measuring cup (10-25 mL). 

1000ml - $84.99

Strictly Equine MSM - 99.9% Pure

Strictly Equine MSM - 99.9% Pure

MSM is an organic naturally occurring sulfur compound. It provides a vital building block for joints, cartiladge skin and hair. recommended for arthritis, inflammations, allergies and ulcers. Contains: per 10 g; 9.9g MSM

Feeding Instructions

10 grams twice daily for first 14 days. 
10 grams daily thereafter.

INTENSE TRAINING: 30 grams daily.

907g  -  $20.99
2.27kg - $51.99


Nutri Aid HA

Nutri Aid HA

For improved joint mobility

Ingredients per 60g:

Chrondroitin sulfate 2500mg
Hyaluronic Acid 125mg
MSM 3750 mg 
Collagen type II 10 000mg
Vitamin C 750mg
Manganese Sulfate 100 mg
Apple Flavor

1.5kg- $99.99

Recovery EQ

Recovery EQ joint supplement

Recovery®EQ orally administered powder supplement contains Nutricol® — a proprietary bioflavonoid complex from tea and grapes recognized for their health-promoting action, glucosamine, MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane), TMG (trimethylglycine) , magnesium, vitamin C and natural vitamin E. 

Nutricol® is a proprietary bioflavonoid complex containing epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), theaflavin, proanthocyanidins and resveratrol from Vitis vinifera and Camellia sinensis (de-caffeinated).

Each scoop (26 grams / 0.9 ounces / 2 tablespoons) contains: 

1,000mg Nutricol® 
10,000mg glucosamine 
10,000mg MSM 
1,000mg TMG (trimethylglycine hydrochloride) 
1,400mg buffered vitamin C 
750iu natural vitamin E 
525mg elemental magnesium 

Suggested use: Introduce gradually over a two week period to a concentrated dose of ½ scoop per 300 lbs body weight. Mix with food. 

After 30 - 60 days it may be possible to reduce intake to 1/4 scoop per 300lbs body weight.

1kg: 38 day supply -  $98.99
5kg: 192 day supply - $411.99


Recovery EQ/HA (extra strength)

Recovery EQ/HA (extra strength)

"Improved lubrication of joints, due to improved viscosity (gel-like quality), is the main reason that most horsemen now supplement hyaluronic acid in a horse’s feed. The benefits of improved lubrication include reduced friction, increased mobility and decreased pain. Better joint health leading to improved overall equine performance is the end result. 

By supplementing Recovery®EQ-HA, you now have the added choice of hyaluronic acid (HA) combined with Recovery®EQ, recognized by the prestigious Horse Journal as the "Best Performer Overall", veterinarians and horsemen alike have been able to safely and effectively prevent and reverse many conditions associated with lameness while improving the quality and rate of recovery after trauma."

Each scoop (26 grams / 0.9 ounces / 2 tablespoons) contains: 

1,000mg Nutricol® 
10,000mg glucosamine
10,000mg MSM 
1,000mg TMG (trimethylglycine, betaine) 
1,400mg buffered vitamin C 
750iu natural vitamin E 
525mg elemental magnesium 
100mg of hyaluronic acid - HA (sodium hyaluronate) 

Suggested use: Introduce gradually over a two week period to a concentrated dose of ½ scoop per 300 lbs body weight. Mix with food. 

After 30 - 60 days it may be possible to reduce intake to 1/4 scoop per 300lbs body weight

See more at: http://www.recoveryeq.com/

1 kg - 40 day supply  - $113.99
 5 kg - 200 day supply - $492.99



Hypona Magvet Strictly Equine Ease Up

Hypona Magvet

The "NO DOPING" answer for nervous and hyper horses. Protects against stress. Has a calming effect. Improve performance.

800g - 80 servings - $72.99

Strictly Equine Ease Up

A fast acting, potent formula that reduces nervousness, anxiety and stress while keeping the horse alert. No side effects. It does not contain any banned ingredients. Primary ingredients are: Taurine, Inositol, Thiamine, B1 and magnesium. 1/2 scoop per day.

907g - 60 servings - 56.99

Zylkene Equine 1000mg

Zylkene Equine 1000mg

For a horse with less stress, more focus!

Adopting Zylkene® Equine is opting for a natural nutritional supplement for horses that has calming, soothing properties without any sedative side effects!

• A natural product derived from milk protein with soothing properties.
• Can be used short term in horses in a stressful situation or on a regular basis to manage behaviour problems.
• Palatable apple-flavoured powder. To be administered to the horse once daily; available in convenient pouches.

Alpha-casozepine promotes a sense of relaxation and mental alertness without drowsiness or tranquilizing effects. Stressful situations are part of life for most horses, from trailering and transport to veterinary visits and new routines.

Stressful situations trigger behavior problems and can make life difficult for horses and their owners. Horses communicate stress externally through stall walking, refusal to work, pawing, kicking, head bobbing, and other changes in behavior and appetite. What may surprise you is that some events and new situations also trigger internal changes that can negatively affect your horse’s overall health and quality of life.

Zylkene® Equine is recommended for situational stress or behavioral problems in horses and ponies

For oral use. Mix the contents of the Zylkene® Equine pouch(es) with a small amount of food, once a day.

- Body weight of horse up to 500 kg: 1 to 2 Zylkene® Equine pouches per day
- Body weight of horse 500 kg and over: 2 to 4 Zylkene® Equine pouches per day

Zylkène® can be administered over a short period of time when a situation necessitating a rapid adaptation or a non-routine event is anticipated, starting ideally 3 days before the foreseeable event. Zylkène® can also be administered over a period of 2 to 4 weeks in a horse slightly too reactive or not cooperative enough.

Each box contains 20 pouches

Each Zylkene® Equine sachet contains 1000 mg of alpha-S1 tryptic casein in an apple-flavoured powder.




I have a ONE 10 sachet box that will expire in April that I am offering at $30

CONFIDENCE EQ is a copy of the equine appeasing pheromone mares produce as they nurse their foals. In adult horses, the presence of this pheromone is a signal that the environment is safe and secure, which can facilitate learning.
CONFIDENCE EQ has been proven to help horses manage new or unexpected stimuli by replicating the equine appeasing pheromone that signals an environment is safe and secure.
CONFIDENCE EQ is recommended for horses of all ages. It is used to help build confidence in horses that are faced with new or troubling situations, including:

  • Traveling/trailering, recovery after arrival,
  • Environmental changes: moving to a new stable, going indoors/outdoors, new owner/caretaker,
  • Training events, introducing new exercises,
  • Social situations: foal weaning, meeting new stable mates or pasture mates,
  • Healthcare procedures: farrier visits, veterinary visits, dental visits,
  • Dealing with loud noises: large crowds, thunderstorms, fireworks, gunshots, motor vehicles.

Horses are highly sensitive to their environment and surroundings and because of this, fear is considered a normal response in the horse. Fear can be managed by teaching horses to not over-react when faced with new or unexpected stimuli such as traveling, loud and sudden noises, entering new environments, clipping or various healthcare procedures such as hoof trimming/shoeing or dental treatments.

CONFIDENCE EQ® has been proven to help horses manage new or unexpected stimuli by replicating the equine appeasing pheromone that signals an environment is safe and secure.

Instructions for use

Administer CONFIDENCE EQ® approximately 30 minutes before the stressful situation. The horse should be calm and quiet when Confidence EQ® is applied.

Tear open one end of the packet and expel approximately 1/2 of the gel on your index finger. Apply the gel to the bottom edge of the horse’s nostril (not too deep, or in the mucosa). Apply the remainder of the gel in the packet to the other nostril using the same procedure. Repeat the application every 2 - 2.5 hours, if necessary.

Note: As the solvent evaporates in the nostril a thin, translucent film may appear. This is considered normal and, if needed, the film can be removed by wiping with a wet sponge.

Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, flush eyes with water.
Keep out of reach of children.
Store at room temperature and away from light.

How supplied:
Single-use packet containing 5mL of gel.
10 single-use packets per box.

Hoof Supplements

Hypona Hoofmaker

Strong healthy hooves must be grown from the inside and then maintained from the outside. Without sound hooves your training efforts will be in vain. Hoofmaker added to the diet will assist your horse to grow a strong and healthy hoof. As an added side benefit your horse will have a healthy shiny coat.

Daily ratuion of active ingredient per scoop (1/3 oz.):
Methionine DL - 6060mg
Lysine - 1900mg
Zinc - 1900mg
Biotin 20mg
Glysine - 1900mg
Choline - 500mg
Proline - 90mg
Inositol - 350mg
Copper - 106mg
Iodine - .07mg
Vitamin A - 1765 IU
Vitamin D - 1621 IU

Directions: 6 grams (1 level measuring scoop) of Hoofmaker per day; mix into the daily diet and moisten.

750 g - 80 servings - $83.99

Farriers Formula Double Strength

Farriers Formula Double Strength

Farrier's Formula® was developed to provide the nutrients needed to enable horses to build strong structural and connective tissue proteins (tendon, ligaments, bones, joints). Developed almost thirty years ago, it has always contained nutrients such as phospholipids, omega fatty acids, etc. that have only recently been recognized as important "players" to help produce healthy dermal tissues.

It has been the #1 recommended product by farriers in the U.S. for twelve consecutive years and is the "gold standard" by which imitation products are compared.

In every scoop of Farrier's Formula® there is thirty years of experience and research with numerous clinical studies and field trials.

How it Works

Farrier's Formula® provides the nutrient support that horses need to build strong connective tissue proteins. Connective tissue proteins are the microscopic framework of the mammalian body, giving form and strength to all major organs and tissues. Of all the protein in the body over 40% is connective tissue protein, making it by far the most abundant.

Connective tissue proteins combine to form fibers which may crosslink with adjacent fibers. The joined fibers' strength is dependent on the number of crosslinks. These crosslinks are chemically expensive for the body to produce. If the right chemicals in the form of nutrients from the diet are not present, fewer crosslinks can be made; the tissue being constructed or repaired will be weaker.

The hoof is connective tissue that depends on its many crosslinks for strength and resiliency. Thus, a strong healthy hoof can only be built through proper nutrition.

Within as little as two weeks of feeding Farrier's Formula® one should see a glossy, more deeply colored coat. By nine to ten weeks a new band of strong, healthy growth will be clearly visible at the coronary band, and the difference in the structure of the horn in the periople can be seen with the naked eye. Internal benefits, while more difficult to see, are just as dramatic.

Lasts Twice As Long As Original Farrier's Formula®

The nutrients in Farrier's Formula® Double Strength important for a healthy hoof are provided at twice the concentration compared to original Farrier's Formula® with the taste that horses love!

The 11 lb. nitrogen-flushed vacuum package or 11 lb. bucket deliver:

  • Twice the number of daily doses compared to original Farrier's Formula®.
  • A 60 day supply for a 1000 lb horse at the Adult Replenishment Feeding Level or a 120 day supply when feeding at the Adult Maintenance Feeding Level.
  • Added benefit of being more economical to feed compared to original Farrier's Formula®

Farrier's Formula® Double Strength is doping free and can be fed to competition horses.
Farrier's Formula® Double Strength is available in 11 lb nitrogen flushed vacuum bags

Farrier's Formula® Double Strength Feeding Instructions

Feed with a good quality hay and grain ration

Farrier's Formula® Double Strength should be fed with a good quality hay and grain ration. Eliminate any bran from the diet if possible. The phytate and phosphorus content of bran can alter calcium/phosphorus absorption or lead to other mineral imbalances.

Daily Feeding Level
One-half (1/2) standard measuring cup (119 ml) will deliver 85 grams of product. One cup (237 ml) will deliver 170 grams of product. Top dress or mix with grain ration.

Adult Replenishment
Top dress or mix Farrier's Formula® Double Strength with regular feed. For each 1000 lbs (450 kg) of body weight use one-half (1/2) measuring cup (85 gm) of product per day.

The length of time Farrier's Formula® should be given at the replenishment level is determined by the initial problem to be solved. If the goal is to improve health and appearance of the skin and hair, replenishment level should be continued for approximately one to two months. If the goal is to grow a long and flowing healthy mane and tail, the replenishment level should be fed until the mane and tail reach the desired length. The time required to completely remodel the wall, sole, and frog of the foot is approximately 9-12 months. Therefore, it is best to continue at the replenishment level until the foot is completely remodeled even though one will begin to see some difference in the hoof within two months.

 Adult Maintenance
After feeding Farrier's Formula® Double Strength for 6 to 8 months, the feeding level can usually be reduced by up to one half. If problems persist, resume feeding at the above "Adult Replenishment" feeding levels.

Each horse will be somewhat different. For example, some thoroughbreds and warm bloods may require the replenishment level continuously. Arabians and Arabian crosses may sometimes be maintained on 1/2 cup per day. It is important to keep all horses on a maintenance level to maintain good hoof health. Usually the same thing (genetic, environmental, and management factors) that caused the problem in the beginning will be present throughout the horse's life.

Body WeightDaily Quantity
500 lbs (225 kg) 1/4 Cup (42.5 gm) 
1000 lbs (450 kg) 1/2 Cup (85 gm) 
1500 lbs (675 kg) 3/4 Cup (128 gm)
2000 lbs (900 kg) 1 Cup (170 gm) 


General Supplements


Quench Electrolytes

Quench Electrolytes

An affordable electrolyte supplement for horses. It is the perfect supplement to feed your horse during strenuous work or during the hot summer months. Contains: sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Sulfate, Calcium Carbonate and Dextrose.

Available in Apple, Cherry and Orange flavors.

2.27 kg - $28.99
4.54 kg - $37.99


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