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Horse Foot Care

Hoof Dressings

  Ecolicious has a really nice restorative and protective therapeutic hoof serum that can be seen on the Grooming Products page here

Absorbine Hooflex Ointment

hooflex conditioner

Hooflex original conditioner is the best selling hoof conditioner and has been recommended by farriers for over 85 years. Its unique formulation of nine therapeutic ingredients helps maintain the pliability of the entire hoof by providing the conditioners necessary for proper moisture balance.

Hooflex Liquid Veterinary Hoof Conditioner helps maintain the pliability of the hoof wall, heel, sole, frog and coronet. Its unique formulation of 9 therapeutic ingredients helps maintain the pliability of the entire hoof by providing the conditioners necessary for proper moisture balance.

Hooflex All Natural Dressing and Conditioner Made with herbal ingredients such as tea tree oil, arnica, comfrey, and avocado oil, Hooflex Natural Dressing and Conditioner is an all-natural hoof care alternative that's known to help support shiny, healthy hooves and maintain the hoof’s moisture balance. First-of-its-kind continuous spray bottle is a whole new way to apply hoof dressing—spray from any angle, even upside down! Enhances natural hoof color without artificial chemicals or dyes Maintains moisture balance. Contains no petroleum distillates. Penetrates fast and deep conditions for a natural shine with no greasy residue.

Original conditioner: 450 ml $23.00
Veterinary Hoof Conditioner $19.00
All Natural Dressing and Conditioner Spray: $14.00
All Natural Dressing and Conditioner  $19.00


Carr, Day & Martin Cornucrescine

Carr, Day & Martin Cornucrescine hoof ointment

Unique and wonderful - promotes and accelerates healthy horn growth and aids re-structuring of the hoof when used regularly. Also aids re-growth of hair on scars and rubbed areas. Lasts forever, AMAZING! 

Benefits Unique formulation that promotes and accelerates healthy hoof growth
Maintains optimum hoof condition and aids re-structuring of the hoof
Also aids re-growth of hair after rubs or scarring

Apply to clean hooves, by hand, rubbing in well around the coronet band and into any cracks. 
Use weekly to maintain a healthy growth of horn, or daily to accelerate hoof growth and improve poor hoof quality. 

Due to increased hoof growth during use, hooves may need trimming more frequently. 
Results will be visible in 4-6 weeks 
95g will last for up to 3 months, with regular use 

Key ingredients: essential oils, lanolin*
*Lanolin - natural wool fats, with moisturising properties.

250 gm -$36.00
450 gm -$46.00


Straight Arrow Hoof Maker

Straight Arrow Hoof Maker

The original Mane 'N Tail Hoofmaker is an exclusive protein enriched formula developed to maintain soft yet flexible hooves. Deep moisturizing formula helps reduce dry and brittle hooves. Protein enriched formula conditions the entire hoof surface including the coronary band, walls, frog and sole. Contains no petroleum or pine tar. Never sticky or greasy.

900g pump - $16.99


Keratex Hoof Products

Hoof Hardener

Keratex Hoof Hardener formula is patented and includes a unique flexibility agent as well as a hardening agent, making this the perfect product to protect your horse from: brittle, cracked, soft or weak hooves; soft, sensitive or thin soles; repeated shoe loss; transition to barefoot; hoof damage.

Keratex Hoof Hardener

Keratex Hoof Hardener will strengthen and protect shod and unshod hooves, to restore soundness after sensitive soles and to prevent existing cracks from laddering up or across the hooves.

It works by cross-linking the keratins and proteins within the internal structures of the hooves, making hooves stronger from the inside out. Because it absorbs into the hooves, it will not ‘come off’ in the field, it will continue to work within the hoof whatever the weather and whatever the field conditions.

One 250ml bottle lasts for around three months.

Available in 250ml bottles, application brush supplied.


Hoof Moisturizer

This product is specifically designed to address dehydrated, straw-like or brittle hooves to restore natural health and vitality. 

keratex hoof moisturizer

Keratex Hoof Moisturiser has an ‘intelligent’ formula which works by restoring the correct moisture levels in the inside of the hooves and then maintaining this level for optimum hoof condition. It will stop hooves from cracking and breaking up through dehydration and it will also prevent those annoying floor-side flaps which can occur in warmer months. You can apply Keratex Hoof Moisturiser all over the hooves including the hoof capsule, so frogs, coronary band and heels will all benefit. Additionally, Keratex Hoof Moisturiser has the extra bonus of encouraging new hoof growth by keeping the coronary band tissue supple. When applied regularly Hoof Moisturiser gives a smooth and solid finish to the hoof wall as well as restoring the correct moisture levels.

Keratex Hoof Moisturiser is allowed by the Jockey Club and the FEI.

Available in 500ml and 1 litre bottle

500ml: $30.00
1 litre: $40.00


Coconut Oil Hoof Balm

keratex coconut oil hoof balm

This highly sought-after, premium blend of coconut oil, beeswax and tea tree oil will protect condition and care for equine hooves, providing a stunningly glossy finish with all the benefits of natural oils and waxes such as nourishment and breathability! 

This team of luxuriously rich ingredients work together to condition and protect with a breathable finish 

Added to this great balm is beeswax - nature's gloss! Beeswax is gives hooves a lovely sheen and provides enough 'stick' for the coconut oil to do its work. The tea tree oil has naturally cleansing and astringent properties.

Available in: Black and Clear


Nail Hole Disinfectant

keratex Nail Hole Disinfectant

Keratex Nail Hole Damage Repair (Disinfectant) is a great item for your grooming kit. Using the specially designed precision nozzle, simply squirt the liquid into new, old or stressed-looking nail holes to flush them with this instant cleansing and repairing solution. Once you have flooded the nail holes, the liquid gets to work, flushing out and repairing the nail holes, also cleansing and hardening both the interior and the point where the nail entered the hoof, ensuring that existing damage, gaps or rips will not develop further and will not ‘ladder’ up or across the hoof. This product is very effective on hooves that suffer from problems in the double-stress area around new and old nail holes.

Keratex Nail Hole Damage Repair is available in a 200ml squeezy bottle.


Hoof Gel

Designed for wet weather use, Keratex Hoof Gel forms a protective, waterproof and breathable layer over the hoof, keeping hooves water-tight and preventing them from softening, splitting or breaking up in wet, muddy conditions. By stopping water from saturating the internal structures of the hooves, the hooves have the time, space and correct conditions for the horse to be able to restore hoof quality. So if you find that your horse’s hooves deteriorate, soften, throw shoes or become saturated in wet or humid conditions, apply Keratex Hoof Gel all over the hoof, frog, soles and heels every other day to restore the quality and strength in your horse’s hooves. We give you our quality promise that Hoof Gel absorbs into the hooves and therefore will not ‘come off’ in the field whatever the conditions. Once the product has absorbed into the hooves you will see that water forms droplets that simply roll off the hooves like rain off a waxed jacket or water off a duck’s back.

Good for:

  • Hooves that have softened in wet conditions
  • Horses prone to hoof crumble, weakness, breakage, punctures and cavities in the foot and sole
  • Stabled horses or horses that suffer from hoof deterioration during wet weather

Available in 500ml and 1 litre bottles.

Available in :
500ml: $34.00
1l: $44.00


Hoof Putty

Keratex Hoof Putty is great for repairing holes in the soles of a horse's feet, enabling the owner to turn out with confidence after the cavity has been plugged with Hoof Putty.

keratex hoof putty

It is particularly useful when your horse is recovering from an abscess, puncture or hoof separation.

It can be used in the following ways:

  • To plug a small, uninfected puncture hole after thoroughly disinfecting the area, allowing you to turn out straight away when a poultice is not required
  • To plug a puncture or hole left behind after an abscess has been cleared and drained, after thoroughly disinfecting the area, when a poultice is required, allowing you to turn out with confidence after the poultice has been removed
  • Farriers often use it an additional shock absorber and comforter when used between the lily pad and frog in ponies with spring grass related problems.

To use, simply mould the adhesive putty in clean hands and press into the cavity until you have a dense plug for best results. Keratex Hoof Putty is a semi-permanent wax that seals and stabilises hoof separation, plus it prevents grit, mud and debris getting jammed up into the hole and damaging the recovery process. The adhesive filling mixture also disinfects making it the perfect aid to recovery after punctures, abscesses and cavities.

Please note that Putty will be hard while in the tin but will soften in your hands as you mould the shape you require.

Keratex Hoof Putty is allowed by the Jockey Club and the FEI.

Available in 200gm tin.


3P Hoof Repair

Keratex 3P Hoof Repair

This field repair kit for confident DIYers has been developed to replace and repair medium to large areas of missing hoof horn or fill in troublesome cracks. After thoroughly cleaning part of the hoof that you want to repair, mix the paste as per the instructions and use the spatula to apply. The epoxy resin paste will adhere to the area you want to repair, giving you a semi-permanent filler which mimics natural hoof horn. Keratex 3P Hoof Repair can be rasped just as hooves can, sets fast at a low temperature and within 10-20 minutes, and can even be nailed (cold shoeing only). The Keratex 3P Hoof Repair mix can also be adjusted for hardness and flexibility by experimenting with the quantity of filler powder.

A 50ml kit includes filler powder, spatula, double syringe for easy application, mixing pot and instructions


Cosmetic Hoof Filler

Keratex Cosmetic Hoof Filler

Keratex Cosmetic Hoof Filler is a foundation stick for hooves which conceals tiny, unproblematic but unsightly cracks and imperfections in the hoof wall. They are ideal for shows and best turned out classes, they are easy to apply and will make ugly blemishes disappear while keeping the area free from germs. These unique easy-to-apply waxy crayon sticks are available in light or dark to match hooves perfectly and they are just ideal for giving the impression of smart, picture-perfect hooves.

Good for:

  • Filling in and smoothing over minor imperfections and blemishes
  • A smooth and flawless finish for an invisible but perfect appearance

 4x 15gm long-life crayons in each tube

Dark and Light sticks



Cleansing Hoof and Leg Scrub

Keratex Hoof & Leg Scrub

Keratex Hoof & Leg Scrub is formulated especially to apply to horses' wet and muddy hooves and legs. 

Keratex Hoof & Leg Scrub was developed specifically for ease of use in wet and wintery conditions on the yard or in the field. The simple to use ‘spray on and leave on’ trigger spray really takes the hassle out of your routine in muddy conditions. The spray can be scrubbed or sponged onto hooves, frogs, soles, heels and pasterns, rinsed off or left on overnight to dry. It does not need to be rinsed off. The bottle has a special silent spray action for spooky horses. 

It can also be used on leg abrasions to thoroughly cleanse and disinfect

Available in 300ml trigger spray bottle.


Mud Shield Powder

Keratex Mud Shield Powder

Keratex Mud Shield Powder is a highly-acclaimed, handy, easy-to-use powder which you puff onto horse’s legs for a cleansing and waterproofing action on legs which are prone to scabs and broken skin in wet and muddy conditions. This light talc will give your horse's legs a breathable, resilient coat of powder that does not absorb water (and therefore does not become sticky). It also works by making the leg hair so silky that mud cannot grip on to hair or soften the skin underneath. Further to this it will assist the horse’s natural defences against anything from mud and environmental water (such as muddy puddles and boggy fields) that might get into breaks in the skin and cause problems. This respected product is widely recognised by the equestrian community as a leader in its field.

Available in 450gm easy-to-use 'puff' bottle.


Hoof Wash

Keratex Hoof Wash & Soak

Keratex Hoof Wash & Soak is a unique and incredibly economical wash or soak for the hooves and lower legs, which has been produced for those horses that would benefit from a cooling and cleansing 10 minute soak or scrub.

This is really effective for: soothing legs in muddy conditions with a cooling soak or wash; using in between poultice changes to keep hooves, legs, dressings and other equipment clean; maintaining hooves and frogs.

A 1 litre bottle will dilute in plain water to make 125 litres to give you plenty of scrubs or soaks for your money. Simply add a capful of Hoof Wash & Soak to half a bucket of clean water and you will find that this product will really go the distance for you.

Keratex Hoof Wash & Soak is a good addition to every grooming kit to help keep hooves and legs as clean as you can.

Available in 1 litre bottle.


Frog Disinfectant

Its site specific function can be used to protect the frog and help it recover from infection


Hoof Wraps

Hoof Wraps bandages are guaranteed to fit most horses and stay on in the field no matter the conditions. Allow your horse the freedom to stay on turn out and rest assured he’s getting the effective hoof care he needs. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! 

Hoof Wraps is a multi-use bandage – not a boot – that offers an alternative for everyday hoof care and saves you the time and trouble of making home-made bandages. Easily treat common hoof problems like abscess and stone bruise, or use for protection after shoe loss. It’s designed specifically for horses on turn out so your horse can still enjoy the freedom of mobility during treatment. 

The one size fits most system works for the majority of horses and the extreme grip fastening system ensures it comes back to the barn. Triple layered 1680 ballistic nylon and industrial stitching offer tough construction. 

An EVA foam pad is included for comfort and Hoof Wraps can easily be removed, cleaned and reapplied. Use with a variety of poultice, topical solutions and medicated pads. Light weight and compact, it makes a great addition to your first aid kit or saddle bag. 

Sooner or later, there’s a good chance you’ll need one. 

Machine wash. One size fits shoe sizes 00-0-1-2 or rough diameter of 4” to 5.5”. 


Replacement pads (2/pkg): $20.00


Hoof Wraps Gel Pad

Hoof Wraps Gel Pad

One thing we’ve learned along the way is how passionate horse owners are about the pads they use. We teamed up with a leader in gel technology and developed a pad specifically for horses. It absorbs shock and provides comfort and support where your horse needs it most. 

You’ll also notice the pads have a distinct smell. That’s because the gel has actually been infused with Tea Tree and Jojoba oils. Both ingredients have been used for centuries to combat bacteria and fungus. 

Hoof Wraps gel pads are meant not only to provide comfort but to promote a healthy environment for hoof care. 

One size fits most. 3/8” thick by 5 ¾” X 5 ¾” 

$40.00 each

Hoof Wraps Soaker

Hoof Wraps Equine Soaker

Apply the hoof soaker, fill it with your soak of choice and go back to your chores. Hoof Wraps Soakers are made with a thick shell of ballistic nylon and a coated nylon liner. Each Soaker comes with 2 EVA foam pads and an extra strap. Tough construction. Fits hoof sizes up to 6" in diameter. Easy to use - 3 fastening points offer flexibility. Lightweight and collapsible. Use for hoof soaking or icing.

Equine hoof soaking treatments are an ideal way to treat abscess, thrush, yeast and fungus infections, puncture wounds, foot bruising, laminitis and white line disease. 


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