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Horse Blankets

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Economy Blankets

Sleazy Sleepware


Dog Coats

Horse Blankets By Horseware

Please note: I am no longer to provide my customers with the Horseware Brand. I have listed what remains of my inventory.

Makers of Rambo, Rhino & Amigo products

Click on the logo above  to see all categories of  Horseware blankets for "horses" or the links below for Horse, ponies, minis, specialty blankets, the Horseware Healthcare line, Horseware Leather  and accessories!

Rambo, Rhino & Amigo
Turnouts, Stable Blanket & Sheets

Rambo & Amigo Coolers


Horseware PONY

All things Pony by Horseware. Winter blankets, stable blankets, coolers, flysheets, the Dust Buster and the Mack in a Sac

A wonderful collection of turnouts, coolers, stables and flysheets just for minis!

Quarter Sheets/Competition Sheets

Horseware Barn and Blanket Accessories
Rambo Throws, blanket wash, repair kits, Stormsure

"Economy" Horse  Blankets

These are by no means "cheap" blankets. They are just not the big names. This category includes blankets by Canadian Horsewear, Century, Goliath, Centurion, Harrys Horse, and others!

Have a look!

Winter Turnout Blankets & Rainsheets

Rainsheets/Summer Turnouts

Stable Blankets & Under Rugs (Blanket Liners)

Summer Sheets
(not rainproof)

Fly Sheets

Fleece and Wool Coolers, Dress Sheets and Quarter (exercise) Sheets

Sleazy Sleepware

Sleazy Sleepwear for Horses™ is the original manufacturer of premium stretch horse hoods and accessories.

Sleazy Sleepware provides an unmatched selection of solid colors, colorful prints and unique sparkling metallic foils that are fun, functional, and have great impact.

Don't forget a blanket for your dog!!

Why wear a Blanket Anyway?

1. By providing extra insulation you will help to keep weight on your horse during cold months - a cold horse uses energy to keep warm so blanket up and feed less! 

2. Less time spent cleaning and grooming to keep your horse clean - go for a plus neck design for maximum coverage.

3. A good quality turnout blanket will provide extra protection should your horse get kicked, bitten or have an argument with a tree or fencepost! 

from Horseware...

Horse turnout guide

From The Canadian Horse Journal

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