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Horse Treats

Feelgood Treats

Feelgood Treats horse treats apple peppermint

Feelgood's friendly giants have long enjoyed the fresh, handcrafted, oven baked treats. Now your friendly giants can enjoy them too. These crunchy treats are made from the finest, all natural and preservative-free ingredients.

Baked,dry and crunchy
Preservative Free
Handcrafted in British Columbia Canada from all natural ingredients.

See more about the product at: www.feelgoodtreatco.com

Available in Peppermint and Apple 

Ingredients (Peppermint): Corn flour, Oats, Groats, Maize (Corn) Syrup, Sugarcane molasses, Flax seed ground, Peppermint

Ingredients (Apple): Corn flour, fresh crushed apples, oat groats (oat flour), flax seeds ground, oat grain, sugar cane molasses, corn oil and honey

 1 kg bags



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