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 Horse Coolers, Quarter Sheets
& Dress Sheets

Great article on selecting and using a horse cooler  HERE
can also be see by scrolling to the bottom of the page 

"When I use the term "cooler," I'm generally referring to a sheet or blanket that wicks moisture from a wet horse's coat and traps heat against his body so that he doesn't catch a chill while he dries. Coolers are handy, for example, when your horse comes in from the pasture on a cold day, soaking wet from rain or snow. Also, as the name implies, they're great at drying a sweaty horse as he cools off after a workout. This is especially helpful with unclipped horses in the wintertime, because their long coats get sweatier during rides and take much longer to dry afterward."

Scroll for Wool Cooler/Dress Sheets and use the following links for other products!

Wool Dress Sheets

Century Ashton Plaid Wool Dress Sheet

Elegant and sophisticated, this 100% wool dress sheet comes in a variety of vibrant colour options. A natural fibre, wool is known for its exceptional breathing and wicking capabilities. Additional features include: leather reinforced front closure, anti-rub nylon lined shoulder, hidden belly surcingle, D-rings (leg straps not included), tail cord and fleece at withers.

Century Ashton Plaid Wool Dress SheetMain image is Dark Grey/ Tomato. Below that is Green Plaid on the left and Royal Plaid on the right

Remaining Sizes
20% off

Green Plaid

Size 82"


Century Remington Wool Dress Sheet

This formal, fitted dress sheet is ideal for horse shows and special occasions! Classically styled in 100% wool. Additional features include: shoulder gusset, single leather front closure with Brass buckle, hidden inner surcingle, tail tie and specialty trim with piping with braided hip ornament.

Century Remington Wool Dress Sheet

Navy Blue with Light Blue trim and Silver Braid 
Black with Silver Braid 

Sizes: (fits blanket size)

Cob (72-74")
Horse (76-78")
Large Horse (78-80")
Extra-Large Horse (82-84")

Pricing: $89.00


Fleece Cooler/Dress Sheet

Century Newmarket Fleece

Soft and Comfy! Super non-pilling fleece in multi-stripe patterns with hidden double surcingle style front and tail chord.

Century Newmarket FleeceBlack/ Grey/ Tan Shown on the right

Currently only one left in size 80"
Black/ Grey / Tan


Century Fleece Dress Sheet

Soft and cozy anti-pilling fleece in a sporty two tone design with dramatic metallic stripe and contrasting binding. Single surcingle style front closure with hook and loop quick fastener, single belly surcingle, wither guard, and d-rings for leg straps. The perfect choice after a lesson or a day at the show!

Century Fleece Dress Sheet

One remaining in Black & Grey

Size: 82""


Century Turbo Dry Dress Sheet/Cooler

Century Turbo Dry CoolerShown in Regular neck in Sky Blue and Combo neck in Brick Red. Inset shows the available colors Navy & Charcoal

Wicks moisture 3X faster than regular fleece

  • 220g (8oz.) Smooth Polyester Fleece
  • Heavy Duty Covered Hook & Loop Closure
  • Dual Low Cross T-Lock Surcingles
  • D-Rings for Optional Leg Straps

Available in:

Regular Neck: $60.00
Charcoal, Navy, Brick Red, Sky Blue
Current Stock:
78" Charcoal & Navy

Combo Neck: $70.00
Charcoal, Navy, Brick Red

For other sizes and colors contact me for special ordering


Century Performance Fleece Dress Sheet

Anti-pilling fleece, contoured cut, double front buckle closure, tail cord and low hidden surcingle.

Century Performance Fleece Dress Sheet

Charcoal  Size: 80" Last One!! 


 Catago Diamond Fleece Rug

Catago Diamond Fleece RugThe Catago Diamond Fleece Rug shown in Grey/White. Also Available in the colors on the left hand side: Navy/White, Black/White, Black/Turquoise & Navy Red & White.

High-end fleece rug made from high quality anti-pilling fleece fabric with elegant piping. Great for use after training or during transport. The rug has detachable surcingles which can easily convert it to a great exercise rug. Elegant CATAGO® logo on the front flap.

Material: 380g Anti-Pilling Fleece


Grey/White -02 (main picture)
Navy/White -10
Black/White -11
Black/Turquoise -22,

Horse (72-75) & Large Horse (78-81)



Harrys Horse Fleece Rug

Soft fleece horse cooler with "Equestrian society" embroidery on left side. Contrast stripes, 4 breast closures, adjustable surcingles and detachable elastisized leg straps 100% polyester.

Harrys Horse Fleece Rug

One Left in Dark Shadow

Size: 78

 Reg $115.00 NOW $92

Goliath Bonded Fleece Cooler with Roll Neck

  • Anti pilling bonded fleece, heavyweight with a roll up neck
  • Twin chest straps (3D Ring) with snap hook & Velcro closure
  • Single snap hook surcingle
  • Tail loop
  • Fleece collar on neck

Size:  69, 72, 75, 78, 81, 84, 86



Goliath Regular Neck Fleece Cooler

Goliath Regular Neck Fleece CoolerShown in Navy. Also available in burgundy
  • Twin chest closure with velcro assists
  • Adjustable low criss cross surcingles
  • Elastic leg straps
  • Tail loop
  • Neck fur

Colors: Navy & Burgundy


Mini:  $70.00 
36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 51"
Pony:   $80.00 
54, 57, 60, 63, 66"
Horse:  $89.00
69, 72, 75, 78, 81, 84, 86"


Goliath Regular Neck Dri Fit Fleece Rug

Goliath Regular Neck Dri Fit Fleece Rug
  • Dry Fit Fleece
  • 2" x 2" quilted panel on neck and back corners with piping
  • Nylon lining on chest
  • Twin chest straps
  • Low criss cross surcingles
  • Elastic leg straps
  • Tail loop
  • Fleece on neck

Sizes: 69, 72, 75, 78, 81, 84, 86"
Color: Navy


Goliath Terry Towel Fleece Rug

Goliath Terry Towel Fleece Rug
  • Terry towel fleece
  • twin chest closure with Velcro assists
  • Nylon lining on chest
  • Adjustable criss cross surcingles
  • Tail loop
  • Matching fleece on wither

Teal Blue

Sizes 69, 72, 75, 78, 81, 84, 86"



Anti Sweat Sheets

Century Thermadry Cool Out Sheet

Century Thermadry Cool Out SheetIce Blue

Breathable fabric cools quickly yet prevents chills. Features quick-drying moisture wicking fabric, dirt and stain repellent, shoulder gussets, fleece at withers, criss-cross surcingles, double buckle, hook and loop front closure, removable elastic leg straps and tail cord.

 1 left in  Ice Blue

Size 82"

Save 20%

Now $66.40

Harrys Horse Summer Mesh Cooler

Harrys Horse Summer Mesh Cooler

A smart and effective cooler rug with a mesh lower and fleece upper. The fleece upper part will dry the horse and keep them comfortable and the lower mesh part will help keep the horse cool, while allowing air to circulate easier. The perfect light weight cooler rug for warm competition days or travelling. Equipped with breast closure and elasticated tail loop.
100% polyester

Currently Available in:

Dull Dark Grey: 195 cm (76") 205cm (80")

Total Eclipse (Navy): 195cm (76") & 205cm (80")

Save 20%

Now $70.40


Dress Sheets

Century Softshell Dress Sheet

The sleek performance of a softshell garment in a versatile well fitting sheet. This waterproof and breathable fabric feature a Sympatex membrane for waterproof and breathable comfort, microfleece lining and durable softshell outer fabric that wont pick up shavings or straw. Double front buckle closure, elasticized cross surcingles, tail flap and removable elastic leg straps.

Sizes: 74", 76", 80" & 84"




 Quarter Sheets

Harry's Horse Exercise Sheet

Harry's Horse Exercise Sheet quarter sheet

Fun fleece exercise sheet with stiched "quilted" overlay, contrast stripes, embroidered silver, grey and magenta stars. Silver and magenta contrast piping and grey binding. Velcro front closure and tail loop.

Dark Shadow

One Left!!   Sizes:  Medium/Cob 76"

Was $ 90.99 Now $75.00

When I use the term "cooler," I'm generally referring to a sheet or blanket that wicks moisture from a wet horse's coat and traps heat against his body so that he doesn't catch a chill while he dries. Coolers are handy, for example, when your horse comes in from the pasture on a cold day, soaking wet from rain or snow. Also, as the name implies, they're great at drying a sweaty horse as he cools off after a workout. This is especially helpful with unclipped horses in the wintertime, because their long coats get sweatier during rides and take much longer to dry afterward.

If your horse is clipped, tossing a cooler on after a ride will keep him warm while his body temperature returns slowly and comfortably to normal. (During exercise, a horse's body produces enough heat to keep him comfortable, even in cold conditions. When he stops exercising, his temperature starts to drop again. With the added effects of cold air and possibly wind, he might feel like you would jumping out of a nice, hot bath and running outside naked and wet to get the newspaper.)

Although the terms "cooler" and "anti-sweat sheet" are sometimes used interchangeably, the latter usually refers to a sheet used primarily in the summertime that wicks moisture but provides very little warmth due to its knitted structure. These sheets are made from a variety of fabrics now, but the classic anti-sweat sheet, the Irish knit, is made of 100 percent cotton and has large, ventilating holes. An anti-sweat sheet helps to dry a horse on a warm day before you put him back in his stall or turn him out. Since horses are more likely to roll when they're sweaty and dirt and bedding stick to sweaty horses like magnets anti-sweat sheets keep them a little cleaner.

Years ago, coolers were basically huge, woolen rectangles with a loop in the front that attached to the crown piece of the horse's halter, a loop in the back through which you pulled his tail and either a few string closures or a metal clamp to pull the sides closed in front. These coolers shifted out of place easily and, because there was so much material between the poll and withers, they  sometimes hung low enough to get stepped on, which could easily turn into a panic situation.

Coolers now come in a range of good-quality materials. Tried-and-true wool is still the warmest and most  absorbent and durable fabric on the market. However, it's generally more expensive than other fabrics and it can't be put in the dryer. Synthetic fabrics, such as fleece, have good wicking and insulating properties, are easier to wash and dry (without risking shrinkage) and are available in many different thicknesses and colors.

Rectangular  coolers are still on the market, but I recommend buying one shaped to fit your horse, more like a regular stable blanket with buckles in the front and surcingles under the belly. Some coolers even include a fitted section that covers much of the neck, either as part of the cooler or as a removeable ?attachment.

If you're on a budget and can only afford one cooler, choose a thickness suitable for the coldest days your region experiences. For example, if you live in an extremely cold climate, pick a heavy wool or thick fleece cooler. On less chilly days, you can modify how you use the cooler by folding it in halves or thirds and draping it over just the sweaty parts of your horse. 

My rule of thumb is to use a cooler when the temperature is below about 60 degrees. This may vary somewhat depending on the weather conditions (if he's outside) and on how wet your horse is. If it's sunny and calm and in the upper 50s, and your horse is just barely damp, he may not need a cooler. This may not be the case for the same temperature in cloudy, drizzly conditions.

Here are some other tips and guidelines I follow when using a cooler:

1. Using a cooler during the grooming process can prevent your clipped horse from getting cold after you remove his blanket. (Again, imagine getting out of your warm, cozy bed to fetch the paper outside, naked!) It's also handy to leave a cooler on over your tack as you begin the warm up at the walk.

2. After the exercise session, it's sometimes necessary to put the cooler back on as you walk out your horse, so that the cooling off happens slowly. You can put it over his saddle if you're still walking him, either mounted or unmounted. Otherwise, untack him completely before putting it on. I would rather put a cooler on a warm horse than wait for the cold air to cool him, which can cause chills.

3. Avoid panic situations: Unless your cooler has leg straps (most don't), keep your horse tied while he's wearing it. He can easily shift it out of place by rolling or even just by moving around a lotmand trap or scare himself.

4. Leave the cooler on until your horse's coat feels dry underneath. The cooler may be quite damp, but that means it did its job! (With some coolers, you may even see water droplets beading on the outside of the fabric.) Then remove it and blanket your horse as needed.

5. Layering. Placing a blanket over a cooler can trap moisture against your horse's coat (because the blanket prevents wicked moisture from evaporating off the outside surface of the cooler), thus defeating the purpose of the cooler. However, if your horse is extremely wet and/or it's an especially cold day, layering a heavier cooler over a thin, lightweight one can speed up the drying process. The heavy layer will keep your horse warm while the light layer soaks up the moisture. Be sure to check them frequentlymI use a timer or alarm on my watch to remind me and remove the bottom layer before it  becomes saturated (so wet that you can wring water out of it). Then replace the heavy layer and leave it on until your horse's coat is dry.

Liv Gude is the visionary behind the Professional Equine Grooms website (www.proequinegrooms.com), which she launched last summer after her Facebook page of the same name started to grow overnight.

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