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Horseware Turnout Blankets,
Stable Blankets & Summer TUrnouts

I am unfortunately unable to continue offering the  Horseware brand. 
Listed below is the remaining Horseware stock, on sale !

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Summer Turnouts (Rainsheets) are the same as the heavier turnouts, just with the "No fill" or "Lite"option.

Fitting chart for blankets and hoods at bottom of page

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"Rambo turnout blankets are the best your horse can get. We stand behind out blankets with a 3 year guarantee on waterproof and breathability. No other company can give you that or the time tested quality of Rambo Turnouts. Not only do we stand behind our Rambo Turnouts, but the worlds top riders in every discapline do as well. These turnout blankets are made of ballistic nylon, the material that bullet proof vests are made from. The special structure of nylon allows our Aquatrans coating to bond to the nylon ensuring the coating will remain waterproof and breathable for much longer when compared to other materials such as polyester. These blankets won't slip, won't rub and most importantly will keep your horse comfortable. The nylon polishes your horse's coat and saves time spent grooming.
The horse's field or stable mate is probably the blanket's greatest enemy. The smooth shiny nature of the surface of ballistic nylon makes it very difficult for the horse to grab/tear the blanket. Horsewear is the only company to use this fabric in the manufacture of blankets."

The Rambo turnouts come with a 3 year warranty on waterproofness and stainless steel hardware.

Horseware Turnouts


The entire Rambo range of blankets has benefited from design changes including:

-Stainless steel hardware: prevents rusting and is incredibly strong and hard wearing
-PVC covered elasticized tail chord: replaces the usual fillet strap. The elasticized PVC covered cord is easier to clean and more flexible which takes pressure off fittings and straps.
-Removable surcingle: the velcro system allows for removal of the surcingles for washing or repair.
-Chest trigger clips: fixed on an inward angle to ensure they are fastened correctly towards the horses chest.
-Antibacterial Lining: eliminates bacteria, which multiply in the presence of dirt, moisture and heat. This can cause infections and allergies. Moisture Management: the hydrophilic nature of the lining will conduct moisture away from the horses' body where it will then be absorbed by Horsewears unique Aquatrans lining.

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Amigo Turnouts

Your Horses New Best Friend


If you want to keep your horse well covered without breaking the bank, you will love the Amigo Turnout Rug from Horseware Ireland. This fabulous rug has all the features you would expect from a rug in this price range but with that little extra that comes from being a member of the Horseware family. 

The Amigo comes with the patented Front Leg Arch which allow the Amigo to be wrapped deeper around the horse‚Äôs shape to give that need extra coverage and protection from the elements. The Amigo Turnouts are fully Waterproof and Breathable with taped seams and a breathable nylon lining and made from tough 1200 denier Polyester you will find it hard to beat! 

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Information and purchasing is now presented at Equestrian Life Market

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Information and purchasing is now presented at Equestrian Life Market

Horsewear Stable Blankets

Amigo Pony Insulator Plus

200g 69"

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Information and purchasing is now presented at Equestrian Life Market

Fitting Horseware Blankets

Measure from mid chest  to mid tail.

For turnout blankets subtact 4"
For stable blankets subtract 7"

Your horse will take 1 size larger for the turnout compared to the stable blanket to allow for extra room for movement outside.

Makebsure the tail chord is done up short enough so that the horse won't catch a hock on it while moving. Also the surcingles should be done up allowing 4 fingers between them and the horses belly. This ensures the horse cant get a leg stuck in a loose surcingle.

Rambo Vari-Layer Technology & Safety Surcingle Information

Vari layer is the layering of thermobonded fiberfil to gain maximum heat retention without the heaviness of a standard fill. More warmth with less weight.

Horses tend to lose body heat through the back as indicated by the thermal scan on the upper  lower left. The bottom picture shows the decrease in heat loss with the vari layer technology.

The Rambo Safety Surcingle system is the system used on Rambo turnouts to provide you with piece of mind during turnout. It is made of 3 straps which in an emergency will break away at one end while staying attached at the other. You can then quickly replace the acetyl safety loop, or if you have forgotten your spare loop, reattach with the metal loop on the strap affected to secure the blanket. This system means less damage to the blankets or in an emergency, and is a safer option for your boisterous horse.

The Safety surcingle system means that you can remove your straps during washing, reducing damage to the drum of the washing machine. The straps can then be hand washed separately before replacing back on your blanket once the blanket is cleaned.

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